I'm coming back to you since we were last in touch. I'd like to tell you once more how much I've loved your songs. Quality work is getting rarer and rarer!
Keep on making us dream. Thanks.
Musically yours

" Robots " track
Her message: Hi Naga! I found your site by chance and fell for the " Robots " track which reminds me of my workplace as I'm surrounded by ungrateful men. I often tell them I'm neither a robot nor a coffeemaker. If you come to Belgium, I'll make you some coffee. lol!

a faithful heart
" Little Anne from Brittany from 2003 is still a fan of your music. I find your site gorgeous and the rock's muse 's voice has bewitched me...
I wish you the success you deserve...
Going to one of your shows is always a pleasure. To me, Naga has become a great site I enjoy visiting regularly.
Keep up the great work...
Goodbye from Pat. See you soon."
By chance
Her message: I'm studying French at Poznan in Poland and by searching Rennes, a town which is twined with mine, on the Net, I learnt about your rock band. I really like the song about Halloween and Mon île and am sure many young Polish people would listen to you with interest. In our country, we love rock and most of all French rock, so we're waiting for you. Sorry if I've made any mistakes in French.

His message: The next time, I'll ask you for an autograph.Your site is great and your music is deliciously wild... I love it! My kids are going to download a few songs and on Tuesday, we'll listen to nothing else but Naga during the classes at Alençon's high school...
All the best to you both.

A very unusual site
I visited your site which is unusual even if I don't really take to your style of music because it's very different from what we listen to in our region. However, I'm keeping your details if you may come some day to la Gironde. Thanks again and see you soon!

I was there when 2500 people applauded to "Mon île".
I was surprised by the track's quality and it deserved to feature amongst the 3 first winners. Unfortunately, the judges decided otherwise. Congratulations for your site's originality."
A new fan from Brittany.

The red violin.
" I was delighted to find a rock site which talks about violin! This red violin is a great movie which, unfortunately, didn't get the success it deserved because the promotion was too weak. I'm also surprised at Cremona's lyrics, being an amateur violinist myself, I'd like to know who created that masterpiece. Here's my email address. Keep up the great work NAGAKANAYA!"