Fabrice Vanagar nicknamed the spider on his spade

My saying: I walk as we should but I do it my way.

I am fond of common sense, optimism, epicurism, idealism, eloquency, excentricity, integrity, being honest and a spiritual megalomaniac.

As one of my friends says « I've never seen such a steady crazy guy. »

I was born on the same date  as my spiritual father, Sacha Guitry, on the 21st  February. My father was a talented railway worker and my mother was a wonderful housewife. They were both passionate about arts ( it runs in the family) which enabled me to study classical music: I listened to the best composers for 10 years: Bach, Beethoven, Mozart...

I couldn't learn how to play the piano as it was too expensive, so I played the baroque flute instead then, later on, the saxophone, no regrets...

At 14, at the same time, I joined a group of veterants in their seventies who used to laugh at  trying to learn sol-fa and I discovered the pleasure of  the big band when playing Afro-American music created between the two world wars as well as the Broadway musicals.

At 16, although I was broke, I managed to buy myself a guitar; my desire to have a better one was such I dropped school at 17 to work in a factory. However at 18, wildly inspired by this instrument, I left for the UK in order to better my playing the guitar; it turned out to be a wise choice as I made the most of my stay and learnt how to play the bass and the drums.

When I came back, I had to shave my head for a year for the so called military...As I played for various rock bands, I bought an old wig with my first pay, it was so ridiculous it got worse and worse after each concert and fleas remained from summer to winter.

During the eighties, the synthesizer was in and I used the black and white keyboard to the full, a charming way to learn the piano. Later I gradually played the flute, the clarinet and singing.

At the beginning of the nineties, after being paid for working with dull show business people, I combined symphonic music with rock; extravagant orchestrations coloured my work. In show business, goers enjoyed this colossal work while the lazy criticised it. However,  Céreyna greatly appreciated this style she was looking for.

Together, we prepared what was going to become NAGAKANAYA in 1996.

My vibrations:

composer : Beethoven, rock band : Queen, singer : Meat Loaf, song : as time goes by, movie music : Conan the Barbarian, musical : Singing in the rain, dancer : Baryshnikov, orchestra director : Bruno Walter, violinist : David Oistrakh, movie : Vertigo, actor : Gabin, cartoon : Princess Mononoké, cult : Star Wars, myth : Moby Dick, play : Henry V, novel : A l'Ouest rien de nouveau, author : Tolstoi, poem : tu seras un homme mon fils ( you'll be a man, my son by Kipling), painting : le Radeau de la Méduse ( by Géricault), statue : Persea (by Cellini), piece of art : Toutankhamon's mask, monument : Versailles, place : Broadway, philosopher : Musahi, idealistic figure : Lawrence of Arabia, great man : Gandhi, historical figure : Napoleon Bonaparte, event : the Olympics , sportsman : Mohamed Ali, football club : le stade rennais ( Rennes' stadium football club), sport : horse riding, animal : wolf.

Quote: I'd rather live dangerously than die slowly.